MaidSuite is the fastest, most convenient, comprehensive and easy-to-use scheduling solution for the cleaning industry.

Find time to grow your business.

MaidSuite stores information, analyzes it and helps you to make the most profitable decisions for your company. MaidSuite’s technology considers important variables the way you would and provides your company with the best, most efficient schedule every day, completely taking the human error out of a process that is crucial to your company’s success and directly related to its bottom line.

You. “Maid” Smarter.

You deserve quick answers. Our customer support team is always ready to tackle any question or concern you may have so you can focus more on growing your business and less on all the tedious, time-sucking tasks that you encounter every day. 

Employee Access

Each employee creates a profile on the application. Schedules are delivered to the employees’ email and can be accessed through the application during work hours to view client profiles of appointments assigned to them.

Using a ranking system to establish priorities within your business, MaidSuite learns your scheduling preferences and considerations so that it can think like you and generate the most logical, effective schedule so you can tackle more important tasks. 

Smart Schedule

Client Storage

24/7 Support

Cloud Based

We’re serious about safety. MaidSuite is designed to prevent unauthorized use and to protect you and your clients personal information. MaidSuite encrypts communications to the server and daily backups to ensure you never lose any of your data. 


One "Suite" Office Manager!

Store all of your client's with important information about the job so that both you and your employees can access them. You can easily list contact and payment information and flag important notes. 

Access your account at any time from any web-enabled device, including computers, tablets and smartphones. Our software stores all of the information you need to access daily and places it at your fingertips. 

MaidSuite is like having an employee who has an unlimited memory capacity, a killer instinct for detail and is available 24/7/365! Why not add us to your team today?

Starting at $99/month.

Victoria Wharton

What Our Clients Are Saying.

Melissa Johnson

"MaidSuite is a game-changing software solution for service-based industries. I have searched through dozens of scheduling softwares and applications before MaidSuite and nothing compares. The customer service is fantastic. It is very user friendly."

Elaina Nichols

General Manager, Student Maid

Owner, Mess to Freshh 

"For years I have been searching for a scheduling program that is right for my cleaning company and here it is! I would recommend Maidsuite for any small, medium, or large cleaning company!! I am so thrilled to have found this company!!”

"This system is very user-friendly! I have been using this system for a couple months and it's wonderful for scheduling and other important things! I recommend this software to any maid service!”

Owner, Maid In Alberta

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